Re: Favorite VA Flake available in bulk?

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> Monty Ivy wrote:
>> What is your favorite VA + (PER or whatever) that is available in bulk?
>> Why?
>> I'm thinking of stocking up the cellar and want to consider all of the
>> available options. I would like to go the mason jar route for aging
>> them. I currently have a few pounds of Peter Stockkebye Luxury Navy
>> Flake doing the Van Winkle....
>> Scott, I liked Sting in Dune too! Do you have your still-suit on?
>> Thanks,
>> Monty
> Va/per is easy if you factor in price. 2015 from McC without a doubt.
> A bit pricier but still good value are either Esoterica's Dorchester or
> Dunbar.
> In straight Va's McC has 5100 (heck most all the McC Va bulks are
> deecent) and Rattrays have some good ones; Hal o' the Wynd, Brown
> Clunee, Old Gowrie and Marlin Flake.
> Espcially let the MCC blends age for at least 3 to 6 months.

Most of those you listed are not flakes...

But most are damned good tobaccoes. ;-)

As soon as this box of Dark Flake is gone, I am going to open a jar of 5100
with perique from a year ago. Never had the stuff aged before, so it
should be a treat.

Joseph M. LaVigne
jlavigne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 9/9/2005 11:07:46 PM

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