Re: Favorite Stronger Tobaccos?

buck12ga wrote:
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> says...
>> Bigron wrote:
>> > I probably should have asked before placing this order, but of the
>> > Semois tobaccos listed above, does anyone recommed (+ or -) of these?
>> Windels, or Langue de Chien.
>> Enjoy! (and report back, if you please)
> Corneel, are those the shag cut like I prefer?

They can be. Those are brands, not types of cuts. Windels for instance has
three cuts, fijne, halfgrove and grove snede. Fijne snede would be your shag.

Anyway, fijne snede ... Do you prefer that for some particular reason? I
know it lights more than easily, and stays lit effortless. That's kind of
why that's my father's favorite. YMMV.

Personally, I prefer grove (coarse). To each his own.


Corneel Vermeulen
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