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Justin C <justin.1205@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2012-05-01, Bart Goddard <goddardbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> quoted someone as saying:
"Smokers die early..."

Some of 'em do. My best friend of thirty years
standing, a BOTL all the time I've known him, is
waning. The pulled muscle in his shoulder wouldn't go
away, and after he was eventually persuaded to visit
a doctor (he works in a hospital yet he can't be
persuaded to see a doctor?) he was diagnosed with
lung cancer. It's also in his chest wall, his ribs,
and it's got to his brain too - luckily we're seeing
no personality alterations, at least not yet.

He's not expected to see his 46th birthday in July.

He will leave a 38 year old widow, a son of ten and a
daughter of 3. My wife is pressuring me to give it
up. I'm not sure I can sidestep her request this


I'm very sorry to hear this, Justin.

Sincerest condolences to you, his other friends and his family.


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