Review: Bonacquisti Cigar

It was posted about a week ago that a new Nicaraguan cigar had hit the
market, the Bonacquisti. I ordered a box of the robustos. After
smoking 5 of the cigars I can post a review.

The cigar is a beautiful Colorado maduro wrapper. Rolled in the
Plasencia factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Bonacquisti cigar has an
aged Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, Habano binder, Dominican and
Nicaraguan fillers, and Panamanian and Nicaraguan Ligero fillers. This
is a double Ligero blend. The cigar is well packed but drawable and
all smoked without “tunneling.”

The company claims this cigar is full bodied, starting out medium in
strength. I found no change in the strength profile as the cigar
maintained a medium body present during the entire cigar. The flavors
are not deep Nicaraguan but a smoother, less citrusy than a puro
Nicaraguan. I smoked a Liga Privada T52 after several Bonacquistis
and found the T52 much deeper in flavor, mild citrus complexity and
full bodied. This is the flavor profile I look forward to in a
Nicaraguan smoke. The Bonacquisti is a sweeter, milder, smoother
tasting cigar compared to a puro Nicaraguan line.

I might consider buying more of the line as there is enough flavor for
me. However, I wouldn’t consider it an after-a-big-meal kind of

I will conduct more experiments with the line along with several
libations...I have a single barrel Laphroig (from The Scotch Malt
Whiskey Society) just for the occasion tonight. Yum.

Have a great weekend ASCers....