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I think many middle-roader-Repubs voted for Obama as the best
candidate to get us out of the recession. You know, getting his
university fellows together to think us out of it. However, many
would admit now that they were wrong. I don't think racism ever came
into it. Just my 0.02.

He was obviously a better choice than the old man and momma grizzly.

knee grow please

the bad news is obama's a dyed in the wool communist

Is this the one where after successfully conditioning their manchurian
candidate, the time traveling space alien lizard people go back in time
and planted those newspaper advertisements in those two Honolulu
newspapers? Because I can't wait for the Roger Corman documentary. I
hope it's as good as "Attack of the Crab Monsters."

You've been re-reading your Alinsky, I see.