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If you want to get really anal, here's the chart from the OMB.
What you're looking for can be found in section 15:

Mickey, did you look at this chart? There's a pretty big uptick
starting around 1980 that doesn't start to drop until the early
1990's. Do you have an explanation for this?,9171,1692027,00.html

I didn't see a chart, I saw another carefully weasel-worded article
in Time magazine.

Oh, my bad. I shouldn't have stuck that Time article in there. I
meant your PDF. The national debt began to skyrocket after Reagan
took office and kept climbing until the early 90's when Clinton took
office. Say what you will about Clinton, but he did do a good job
with the economy--unlike the supply-side dreamers who came before
and after.
You also have to remember that the Internet came onto the scene in
the 90's providing a large economic boost on it's own.

Because the internet. Well that explains everything.

Once there was a Doctor. He was an amazing heart surgeon. He had a
patient that was near death. He went in and with all his skill
performed multiple bypasses.

For four years, the patient slowly got better. After four years, he
changed Doctors. The new Doctor didn't do anything for him except
keep an eye on him, and continue the regimen the first doctor
Which doctor is responsible for his improved health?

I just love riddles.

I can hardly wait for the answer.

A train leaves Chicago going 70 MPH; another train leaves Denver doing 80MPH...