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Disagree? Fine. Please provide evidence that tax cuts have increased
total tax revenue for any tax year between 1980 to the present.

BTW, now it's your turn. I have provided examples as evidence.

Your challenge is to show one example, just one, throughout all of
human history, of a society taxing itself into prosperity.

I'll wait. ;-)

You're not going to limit him to the past 30 years? Man, that's
generous of you! ;)

Again, I'm trying to zero in on this laugher curve you guys think so
highly of. What have been the effects of tax cuts on overall tax
revenue, and the deficit, since supply-side economics became the
prevailing economic theory for the Republican party?

Laffer, not laugher. Named after Arthur Laffer.

Did Reagan increase or decrease tax revenues and the deficit during his
two terms?

He doubled revenues.

How about Bush I?

How about Clinton?

How about Bush II?