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The tea party movement is also a power grab...

By those who are supposed to have the power, We the People.

Yeah, well, that's YOUR reality.

As opposed to...?


Us rational/objective types see the SAME reality, and interpret it
a bit differently. Subjective types each have their own reality
(which explains Nancy Pelosi, etc).

That's generous of you, but I think what best explains Nancy Pelosi
is medical marijuana, erotic asphyxiation, absinthe, peyote, badly
done home trepanation, huffing paint, jimson weed, mescaline,
cerebral botox, morning glory seeds, and tequila, and the dead brain
cells that follow.- Hide quoted text -

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Don't forget Latent Stupidity!

Definition of LATENT
: present and capable of emerging or developing but not now visible,
obvious, active, or symptomatic


I don't think so. :-)

"Official ASC Shaman"


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