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Oh my God. How blatant. How childish. How dishonest. I am almost
speechless (like that could ever happen for real)



think the more apt term is "delusional", but that dovetails with narcissistic,
megalomanical, and a few other terms.

No, he honestly believes it! Of course, honesty, to him, is whatever
floats HIS boat.

Uh... you're kidding, right?

Yes, yes, Obama is all that you said, but I would-a thought for sure
that the blatant, childish & dishonest accusations were being thrown at
RCP for trying to bend that quote into Obama self-referring as "The
Gipper." That's a stretch, even for the most adamant 'Bammer-hater.

(I'm pretty sure he just mis-spoke (note how he turns away from the
direction of the teleprompter ;) and meant "took one for the team")

No, he didn't. He meant "the Gipper". Since you don't have a TV, you
may have missed the fact that the latest attempt to fill Obama's empty
suit is to try to attach him to Reagan's coat tails. Really.

See, first he was Lincoln, then he was FDR, then he was (briefly)
Clinton. The Unicorn of Many Colors.

If so, he is merely swimming with the wave. Republicans have
been doing this for some time now while totally disregarding that
Reagan's own children consider none of them in the remotest
suitable to polish his boots.

That's different, in that they belong to the same political party, and
at least claim to stand for the same ideals and principles that Reagan
stood for.

"Claim" being the operative term. When Palin described herself
as a "western conservative in the spirit of Ronald Reagan", the
Reagan kids' reaction was "you've got to be kidding me" and
"Sarah Palin has nothing in common with my father. Sarah Palin is
a soap opera."

Which kid?

Patti and Ron Jr respectively.

I thought so. The liberals of the family.

While Palin isn't Ronald Reagan (duh), she is a "conservative in the
spirit of Ronald Reagan". She has the same pleasant disposition, the
same sort of vision, and drives the left insane.