Re: A Mobile Herf Kit

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A bargain at only $35,000, this trunk is not only an iPad holder
but also provides storage for your whisky (bottle and glasses),
poker (cards, foldable table and chips), a shoeshine kit, and
most importantly a humidified cigar drawer.

Which color did YOU get?  We'll compare....   :D

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We have (tucked away in storage) an oldish steamer trunk from Frank's
Grandpa. (c. 1920 or so)

It's not by a designer like LV, but I've kept hopeing it kept some
value, so while using it for kiddo clothes etc, have taken care of
it ... but - now have (with a bunch of work) a luxury (maybe) cigar
trunk! <G> However, must point out that the modification will not be
cheap. My trunk is lined with fabric and the drawers are also fabric
covered. Can we spell mold?

I just might keep it as a curiosity for now. mary