Re: Best comment from Judge Vinson's decision

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On Tue, 08 Feb 2011 08:00:55 -0800, Miss Elaine Eos wrote:
On 2011-02-07 16:47:03 -0800, Carbon <nobrac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Do you consider both parties to be equally worthless? Just wondering.

You really should spend 15 minutes in the archives before making
assumptions about the gang here. By & large, most of the right &
libertarian leaning folk here consider both parties to be equally
worthless, while the further left folk lean, the more they seem to
think that there side is ok, while the right is AFU.

Intereatingly, the further left one leans, the more likely one is to
make that accusation of others, too.

It's all in the archives -- check it out. The numbers don't lie.

Misc "however liars lie, and sometimes they use numbers to bolster
their lies."

Whoa. Hold up. *I* believe both parties to be equally worthless. Mickey
I'm less sure about. That's why I asked.

As I said, as a general rule, yes. But there is a distinction to be
made between the elite East Coast Republicans, e.g. Olympia Snowe,
Scott Brown, etc., and other more true to principle Republicans.

There may be hope yet. A faint glimmer on the horizon: