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Not only is it meaningless, it's bogus (in that it ignores
critical factors), but leftist carbon has already showed his
shill ignorance on others topics.

Well if no one cares how much they're paying, what about average
life expectancy? Does that not matter either?

You attribute this difference to the way in which the people of
different nations pay for their health care?!

Are you sure it's not white- vs wheat- vs rye- vs rice-bread? Air
pollution? Working conditions? Sports activity of the citizenry?
Height of the citizenry (smaller dogs/cats live longer than larger;
Japanese people live longer than Americans) ?

And the Japanese pay about one fourth what Americans do.

Does UHC treat Dunning-Kruger effect?

Carbon is, what, oh-for-four in demonstrating competence on topics.

Really? How do you imagine that?

The Canadian system costs about 2/3 per capita what the US system
does and the average life expectancy is about four years greater.
Now, I've lived in both places. They are very similar in terms of
diet and culture. So what could account for this amazing difference
in average life expectancy? Hmmm.


Or it could be that every Canadian gets healthcare when they're sick and
doesn't get saddled with financially catastrophic bills because of it.