Re: Best comment from Judge Vinson's decision

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On 2011-02-03 15:50:10 -0800, Carbon <nobrac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
Not only is it meaningless, it's bogus (in that it ignores critical
factors), but leftist carbon has already showed his shill ignorance on
others topics.

Well if no one cares how much they're paying, what about average life expectancy? Does that not matter either?

You attribute this difference to the way in which the people of different nations pay for their health care?!

Are you sure it's not white- vs wheat- vs rye- vs rice-bread? Air pollution? Working conditions? Sports activity of the citizenry? Height of the citizenry (smaller dogs/cats live longer than larger; Japanese people live longer than Americans) ?

It could just be that all those other nations have ready access to Cuban cigars, while they're illegal in the USA. Perhaps if we lifted the embargo, our average life expectancy would rise.

Also, while we rank 36th ( ), it's the difference between 78.3 & 82.6 yrs -- that's like being called out for being ONLY the 36th richest person on the world. World-AVERAGE is 67.2 (yeowch!), and there are a handful of not-3rd-world countries even blow that!

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