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1. Teach your rugrats to stay out of the street. That's the PARENT'S
responsibility. As is the need to keep an eye on their little terrors.

So if the kids die through the fault of the parents, what...that's life?

Yes. A sad, tragic part of it, made all the more tragic by being
avoidable, but yes, that's life.

I think I'd rather take precautions than console the parents afterward.
Christ, man up and live with the speed bumps.

Why should I? I reject the transfer of responsibility from the kid's
parents to me, just because I'm driving down the street they live on.
I'll drive the speed limit and watch out for them, but the parents
need to do their part of the job and teach them to stay out of the
damn road.

Tell you what: make this a campaign platform and see how far you get
with your "no speed bumps" initiative.

I think you'll get to see how this works in November. The Tea Party
Movement is mostly about personal responsibility and less government
interference in our lives.

We don't need speed bumps, we have speed limit signs. If they don't
follow the signs, the police ticket them and they get fined. If they
get ticketed enough they lose their license. If they drive without a
license they get put in a cage.

Yu know as well as I do that the police will in all likelihood do
no such thing because there are far too few of them.

You also know, as do I, that if you place police at either end of
a particularly dangerous stretch of road on permanent posting to
catch speeders, you will have your first complaints by voters
about "waste of police resources -- why don't they go out and
catch real criminals instead" by the end of the first day.

Speed bumps have an amazing advantage: they work. They cut
everybody's speed. Every time. Day or night. To do the same
job, you'd need several teams of $40,000-a-year police officers
on a 24-hour rotation. You do the math.

Actually, there is a far superior alternative, IMHO: partial
barriers. I have seen this in Europe, and it works a treat
without risk of damage to your car. The authorities simply
narrow the road on alternating sides at several points to a
single-lane width by planting trees or putting down big concrete
flower pots; this forces drivers into a slow slalom (usually
around 15-20MPH) that simply does not allow them to pick up
significant speed.