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No regulation means you can never trust anyone to be qualified to
deliver the service they promise, from the electrician up to your
doctor. You won't know or can't know whether they are any good
until your house burns down or you wake up from a hernia
operation to find you really are a Miss now.

I'll add to this that Mickey, I think it was, said that this is what
trade groups are for. I will point out the favorite doctors' group of
the Tea Party, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. They
are on the record that HIV does not cause AIDS. That's the problem with
a trade association. They're there to protect their business, not your
well-being. (Some might argue that your well-being is better for their
business. In a perfect world, that'd be true, but in the real world,
people will commit fraud and endanger your health *on purpose* to make a
buck. And they will do it so sneakily that you, with your unregulated
government, would never have a clue what they were doing to you until
you did it.)

Then you put those fraud-committers and health-endangerers in a cage. Or better yet for a week in stocks in the public square where they are fed tasteless porridge twice a day and are left to foul themselves.

Next time it's two weeks. The time after that four.

Bet the incidence of fraud and endangerment goes down.

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