Re: Advice sought from Men of the World

On 2010-08-09 12:46:46 -0700, Buck Turgidson <deppitybob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
I don't agree with [Ayn Rand's] philosophy in any way I can think of.

Out of curiosity, can you name a single thing that she states as her philosophy with which you disagree?

As a counter example, I will now present a few of the very basic tenets of Randian philosophy with which I'm pretty sure you agree:

* "A is A."
* "Existence exists."
* What exists simply exists, regardless of anyone's awareness, knowledge or opinion.

(Hmmm, you might disagree with that last one. How that's possible, I can't fathom, but I can imagine that you might try to argue it.)

So there you go -- there are several points of Rand's philosophy with which you agree! With which do you disagree?

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