Re: The Free Market Compared to Yoke of Tyranny

On 2010-06-07 10:52:33 -0700, "Paul M. Cook" <pmcook@xxxxxxx> said:
You have just seen a bunch of people, both Republicans and
Libertarians, suggest that, even in a free market, the government has
a role. That also suggests that there needs to be some sort of
taxation to support that role.

You use vague terms like "suggests" which keeps your point of view pretty
open ended with regards to its scope.

Taxation is not the ONLY income-generating tool available to governments. By way of counter-example, they could try running one of their many businesses (let's start with the post office) in a competitive environment and EARN their keep. Or do the same thing with the military, offering national security forces.

(Due to the dual-benefit nature of the latter, I'd think we could seriously undercut other security firms. That is, if offering $100 worth of security to someone also gives us $80 of benefit, we could sell it for $40 and come out way ahead!)

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