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"A country which does not handle its public finances prudently will
its long-term borrowing costs adjusted accordingly,"
Ronald Reagan taught us that deficits don't matter - Dick Cheney -

"a country that spends too much public money, and allows its wage
become uncompetitive, will experience rising unemployment and
economic activity. The social costs may become impossible to bear."
Sure, keep cutting those wages so people are too poor to buy

How many times have wages been cut in the last, oh...fifty years or
Adjusted for inflation wages have been stagnat and in some secotrs,
regressed since 1976.
Even during the years when there was a Democrat majority in Congress?

Yeah. Your point?

When did Congress vote to lower the national legal minimum wage?
When did they vote to keep it current with COL?

When has it ever been constant with COL? The point is, wages have not
been cut.

So? Wages buy much less now than they have in 36 years. Might as well
cut wages, it is the same effect. You argue raw numbers without taking
into account things like inflation and cost of living increases. Take
housing, used to be 30% was considered the most you should spend. Now it
is almost 70% and we are not talking mansions. How about once a family
could do well on one income. Now two is not enough.

But you keep arguing irrelevant facts.

Sounds more like an inflation problem than wages. Somebody need to do
something about that.

Wages have been stagnant for the most part of have regressed since 1976.
COLA is almost a thing of the past in many businesses and wages in a
recession take a huge hit because people will work for a lot less.



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