Re: OT: budget deficits

"Paul M. Cook" <pmcook@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Oh damn. I just looked into the crystal ball. It appears that in
anticipation of tax cancellation that the town where this stuff is made
fired all it's public responders and crooks stole everything. And they sold
the prison to be torn down and converted into a golf course for the wealthy.
But that's OK because they had to close down all the court rooms anyway.
And it is not like they could get the goods out of state because they had to
close the airport and then all the freeways crumbled and no trucks could
travel on them. And then a fire swept over the state because they had to
fire (no pun intended) the fire departments and but then when they tried to
rebuild they could not find any engineers or anyone who could even read or
write because they turned the schools into luxury homes for the rich but
that's OK because they closed the hospitals and all the babies died and the
moms too giving birth so there wewre fewer people to educate. Which is OK
because nobody could afford food anymore what with everything being broken
down so everyone else starved to death. Which was better than dying in all
those firey car crashes because the streetlights were sold to make some
money. Which is bad because now disease is rampant all over the place and
there isn't a doctor or a nurse anywhere. But then there is less demand so
that's a good thing. What few people managed top survive had their homes
taken from them because they no longer lived in a country where they had
property rights because there was no government to enforce that right. So
they all ate each other one by one. In the end they got out of paying taxes
but it was kind of ironic that since they lost there economy and jobs they
didn't have to pay taxes anyway. Which was kind of the point I suppose.

But lets try to look on the bright side. No more taxes. Yeah!


This qualifies as one of the most ill-considered idiotic things ever
written in ASC. And that's really saying something.

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