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Frazetta. One of the all-time greats in science fiction/horror/sword
and sorcery art dead at 82.

Way too many people tried to copy his style, but never quite made the

A pity his family were/are such total shits.

Sorry to read. Smoke one for the great Lena as well.

Yea Lena Horne died too, She was cute ,. and I thought did a lot in
her time to break race barriers for me and others

Never mind cute, she was a hell of a singer. Feisty, too.

I am not so completely sold on the "race barrier" achievement,
though. In appearance, she was of that unthreatening, acceptable
"non-black" type -- straight hair, straight nose, light skin --
that is still considered to be preferable today. This doesn't
break race prejudice barriers so much as subvert them, and not in
an entirely good way because it gives in to the prejudice rather
than smash it.

Not that it matters. Hell of a singer, and that's all that

She was black enough to be denied leading lady roles in films because some
states at the time banned movies with black people in them and her scenes
could not be removed. That was one hell of a barrier to overcome. She
unapologetic about her rise to stardom and said she always remained
and did not just become an imitation of a white person.


Please Stop this Paul. If you keep this up, people here will think you
are normal or maybe taking your meds. I like you just the way you

Normal by ASC standards or normal as in normal?


Well, having met you in real life i would say you are normal
everywhere. People really like having a screen in front of them so
they can say anything they want, and think that nobody will come and
attack them.

And yes, you have become very normal by the NEW ASC standards.