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Notice how the sabotage and "infiltrator" strategies so OPENLY
the left, such as the teacher in Oregan, gets VERY little media

One episode was so blantant at one of the teaparties that the
that was raising the largest commotion had a camera following him
around... gee, I don't know....

..almost as if it were ALL planned... in hopes of some incriminating

Meanwhile the polls show ever increasing numbers of Americans (over
already) accuse the left of causing more of the friction than the

Another backfire.

No backfire at all, nobody gave a rat's ass so they didn't even show

The baggers are having a ball and I'm sure it feels good to them to
like they are doing something. I'm not really sure anyone cares so
make a fuss over them, though. They will split the repug party and
that's a
good thing.

Like what happened in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachussetts. I hope
have a lot more of this "splitting" going on. ;)

Heard about the new New Jersey governor? He has doubled the number of
members making six figures from 18 under Corzine to 34 now. And
wants to fire 1300 state workers to help pay for it. Go baggers
suspect though you will have no complaints just so long as an R is in
charge. Any R.

Do you have a cite for that? I Googled it and only found where he
increased his staff *worzine*was*Governor*. Ancient history.

Yes, I do. Dozens in fact. Did you Google "new jersey governor 6 figure
salaries" by any chance? Or did you Google "bullshit crap lies leftie
scumbag twattle?"

Maybe if he tried spelling twaddle correctly, he'd have better search

Deliberate misspellling since I was dealing with a twat. Get it? I am
allowed creativity here!

Like I said, when an R is in charge, they could be caught
poking a goat in front of grade schoolers and you'd have no problem with
"The goat was legal age."

How old does a goat have to be before you consider it legal, Paul?

Well let's see, if you use the dog year formula, 2 years and about 4 months
should do it. Depends though, is this a DC goat or a Louisiana goat.



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