Re: Fox confuse

On 2010-04-16, Paul M. Cook <pmcook@xxxxxxx> wrote:

And forever more my response to ANYTHING you request as proof shall be
"Google it." You HANDILY dismissed the dozens of other links to YouTube
vidoes from that one link I posted.

You epitomize the cite game.

Thanks for proving my point. Th enext time you claim the high ground I will
remind you of this.

I actually watched 10 that looked most promising. All news broadcasts
that say "apparently, there were racial slurs yelled" and "people
report that someone spit on..." and so on... Not a single one (that
I could find) had actual footage of any of it, which strikes me as a
bit odd, considering the hundreds of nes (and personal) video cameras
at each of these events.

So, while you have that page up, could you please link to the video of
any of these things actually happening, rather than "reports" of the
things happening? Hell, if you don't want to "play the cite game",
send it to me in e-mail. You know by now that if I see it, and it is
what you are saying it is, I will not only apologize, but I'll post it
here and let everyone know how you got it right, and the rest of us
got it all wrong.

Thing is, I don't think that's the case. In ALL of the reports I have
seen, on the news, and on the web, I have not seen any footage of any
of these events actually happening. Not a single time...

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