Re: The Post Office as example of ...uh... oh hell...

On 3/11/2010 10:34 PM, Miss Elaine Eos wrote:
On 2010-03-11 17:35:44 -0800, Tony <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

One of the advantages of being the big guy and able to produce at a
lower cost is that the general public will gladly take lower quality and
shitty service in return for saving a buck. How the hell else do you
think Taco Bell stays in business?! (Ok, service -- for what it is --
isn't SO terrible. But that's only in the "for what it is" category.)

This is true to a degree. But being a big guy has its disadvantages.
Ever see Microsoft's offices in Redmond? Now compare that to my home
office. :)

I don't have Microsoft's overhead.

Right. So how's that world-crushing monopoly of yours coming along?

I don't need a world crushing monopoly. I would just need enough to pay my bills and put away a nice nest egg for my retirement. I have my website and I'm making a little money off of it. And Microsoft hasn't offered to buy me out yet. ;)

When MS was looking to buy Intuit, Bill addressed the employees. Said
he: "I use Quicken instead of MS-money, because our product can't handle
trillions of dollars..."

Yeah, my home office runs on Quicken, too -- but for a different reason ;)

Well that's nice. But Linux is still doing pretty good even with the 800# gorilla. There is going to be someone who can make it better and cheaper.

Remember a multinational company named IBM? Don't hear much about them lately, do you? BTW, they started near where I live, and was a major supplier of Personal Computers (as a matter of fact, the *only* supplier for a while). Then a guy named Michael Dell hit the scene...

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