Re: Medicare reimbursement cut 21% today.

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This wonderful plan has become more affordable! �It's going to cost the
American taxpayer 21% less!

Here's the downside...

Doctors are going to start refusing to accept new Medicare patients. This
will either limit or eliminate options for seniors. �More and more seniors
are going to have to purchase supplemental insurance (if they are able to
and can afford it) or they will end up forgoing treatment.

I think this is Obama's plan. �Create a crisis in medical care while
appearing to be trying to balance the budget then use the crisis to ram
home his socialist medical take-over plan.

I have to say, brilliant! �Machiavelli couldn't have done it better.

You have to be right. �I mean look at all his other successful radical
socialist takeovers. �This is just another in a long line. �Congratulations
on your incredibly astute analysis.

Auto industry...yup. Banks...almost. Moving right down the line....