Re: Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

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I think 2376 has a bad fan.

That's OK. Someone else's problem. I don't do weekends...

And you can thank a lib for your weekends.

No, I can thank myself, and my ability to negotiate what I want.

Oh so you negotiated the FLSA of 1938? How impressive.

Nope. Work for a 7x24x365 shop. I don't do weekends. They wanted my
services, they agreed to my terms. You could try it, if you were

As I recall you were hired years ago when you knew even less than you
now. You grew into the job. You've had the same job for all the
I've posted here.

Again, you are clueless. I have moved jobs repeatedly since I've been
on here, and have been working with the company I am with now for just
under 3 years. I grew beyond several jobs and moved to get what I
wanted and deserved.

I will require your payroll stubs from 1997 to presnt o verify your
Three eye witnesses and the sworn oath of one parent and your barber can
used for one of those years.

Sorry, couldn't care less if you approve of the claims or not...

And Linux user just does not look all that great on a
resume, dude. We in the independent IT world call them Lusers. And
not last a day in my line of work.

Right. I probably couldn't service a Wendy's POS system well. I am a
Linux User, as well as an RHCE, a CCNA, an MCSE and a CNE. I also
hold HP Gold level hardware certifications for server equipment in all
available OS'.

What no CNA? You can get that in a weekend. When I interview for people
for hire on behalf of my clients I exclude from consideration any person
with an MCSE. While they guarantee me an income, they also give my kind
very bad name and I resent it. Never met one yet who could do anything
it other than make a royal mess and talk like this: "I'll have to examine
the GPOs on your ADC to determine why the DHCP is not being picked up by
NIC on the EU, the user can for now use cached LPOs but their IP printer
won't be available" Translation - the network cable is loose.

I got the MCSE as a requirement for my last job. Every year, I was
required to get a new certification track completed. It is also
required for the HP Gold certification on the M$ Track. So, I got it.
It's dated now, being from Win2k, but that's OK. It'll never get
updated, as I concentrate on Linux these days.

CNE is dead as a doornail. I have an HP 12C. I like it, its so simple
familiar. But we all know about boot camps and such. Certs mean very
little to anyone except HR types. Too many certs on a resume is actually
big negative. Learn Hindi. That's my advice.

I've never attended a boot camp, nor would I. I don't take an exam
unless I am confident that I know the material. I could care less
about "paper", unless I have the knowledge behind it. Also, when you
work for a service company (as my last employer was), they like to
"sell the certs" to new clients. If you are looking for a new service
company, you don't have a lot to go on other than the number of actual
certified techs they have...

So you are claiming to be the only MCSE with actual knowledge? My
incredulity meter is exploding.

Not the ONLY, I am sure there are others out there, but in general, I
agree with you (blech) that most pass the exam by cramming practice
tests, and have no clue how the OS works at all...

I am also proud of the fact that I've never applied for any job, since
the first one I took out of college. Since then, every job has been
offerred to me by someone that knew my work from my previous
employment. For instance, in my last job I did a lot of service for
the company I now work for. They liked what I did when I was here,
and offerred me a job for 50% over what I was making at the last
place, along with superior benefits. As they wanted me, I was able to
negotiate things like "no weekends". Currently, there is another
company trying to get me, but I am hesitant to take a job that would
get me back to being on call, and require several trips to europe per
year. I like the additional money, but prefer time with my family, so
I am taking my time and playing the options.

Oh heaven forbid you travel to Europe. You might come back a socialist.

Not so much that. If I were single, I'd jump on it in a second, but I
don't like being away for any kind of time, and to be away for several
weeks at a clip would bug me...

Of course, I wouldn't mind a few weeks a year, but they'd have to be
during the fall/winter, which is a sticking point. I refuse to do any
travel during the baseball season, which is when I spend the most time
with my kids (coaching, etc).

Way to get ahead, throw a ball around as a priorit. Check.

I could care less about "getting ahead". I live a comfortable life,
and have my priorities exactly in order. I work to live. Family
always comes first, IMO.

The new keyboards are waiting at the loading dock.

You have a loading dock at your house?

Of course, how else do I take delivery of all the booze?

Ahh, gotcha. I should have known...

Yet you never do.

It can be confusing. Sometimes you post almost like you're sober...

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