Re: OT: Hail King Shelby!!

On 2010-02-16 14:45:19 -0800, Starvin Marvin <smarvin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

Apparently Miss Elaine Eos, the Alpha Dufus, has chosen the tried
and true Conservative strategy of deny, declare victory, and then run
away rather than answer my question, which I asked twice, of why he
used "that's damned white of you."

<sigh> No, I just was ignoring you, since I answered your question twice, and even provided a quote. I will not repeat the answer for the third time:

I was complimenting you on your even-handedness regarding Shelby.

Once again, here is my previous answer to your claim that I didn't not answer your question:

What's your excuse for using "that's damned white of you" in the first place?

You snipped that it was a compliment -- recognition of your being even handed WRT to Shelby. Here's the original:

On 2010-02-09 13:09:36 -0800, Starvin Marvin <smarvin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
If I can damn him for the record number of Senatorial holds at one
time in my original post, then I have to notify people that Shelby
removed MOST of the holds today:

Not that you care what *I* think, but that's damned white of you! :)

For future reference, that's messageID:


In the future, do not confuse "chooses to ignore the maniacal rantings of a lunatic" with "ran away." I'm still here, same as always.

Run along and play, now. It's been a long Winter, and you need to get outside.

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