Re: Canadian Health Care - not good enough for the elite.

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Since when do the rich and powerful stay in ordinary hospital rooms? >

They don't have to. They can afford a private room. As they should
get, they've earned it.

Or been smart enough to be born into it. Paris Hilton would get a personal
bartender in her room.

However Paul, the care is identical to the
most lowly street urchin. That's why we have the best system in the
world. Care is identical regardless of ability to pay (once you
access the system.) However, the rich can afford a better venue
(nicer room.)

I will dispute that. Stats show, and I know you have seen them, that one's
financial status is directly related to both the outcome of the treatment
and the person's overall longevity. Medicine is fast becoming the element
that will split this country in two, but by no means equal parts. I believe
m ost people who need care would not mind at all being in a room with 10
other people so long as they knew they had a shot at recovering and not
going bankrupt in the process.

A better example, should your insurance pay for face lifts? Only
those with income can afford those. Do you think the government
should pay for a homeless person to get a face lift? I don't. And, I
don't think it's unfair that those with means can get plastic surgery
and those who don't won't. Again, however, the cardiac bypass surgery
is the same for a homeless person and a visiting king.

I doubt very much any advocate for health care reform would even think of
making an argument for face lifts, boob jobs, tummy tucks or hair
transplants. And the cardiac bypass surgeon may never see the the homeless
person at all but you can bet your boots the king will know him by first
name. See here is the usual canard - "the bad government." Well the
government just so happens to be an agent of the people, supposedly. If
everyone agrees to pay into a pot, they have the right to expect something
in return. Works for the Amish. They get fine medical care because they
pool their resources and nobody is forced to go without because they didn't
have insurance. Works all over the planet in almost every country *except*
the US. Why is that?

We have a situation of gross inequity in a system designed to destroy
poeople in their moment of need and all for corporate profits.