Re: Climategate? Not so much

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On 2009-12-13 00:12:07 -0800, Buck Turgidson
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the exchanges don't
undercut the vast body of evidence showing the world is warming because
of man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Honest to God, I've REALLY BEEN LOOKING (because I'd honestly like to
see this, because I honestly WISH that we had this level of control
over the planet), but I've not seen one-tiny-shred of such evidence,
let alone a "vast body."

Can ANYONE point me to something?!?!

Well, no, because you see, um, the scientists who have that data are
very protective of it, and don't really want it going out there for
people who don't believe in their religion to try to test and disprove

It's not so hard to come by. Simply subscribing to one of many scientific
journals will get you a ton of it. Not *everything* is on the Internet.
Some of it resides in obscure, mysterious places called "libraries." All
that came out of some of those emails is that scientists are loathe to hand
over data to deniers whose agenda is to use it against them in the court of
public ignorance.