Re: Palin within 1 point of Obama in new poll - Cheney gaining

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Your ignoirance is not my issue. Here's another one for you, Reagan
raised *your* taxes every year of his presidency.


Gee - and I always thought congress appropriated taxes.

Some people think the POTUS is like a king and can do whatever he
likes purely by decree and some can when they have a majority in
Congress, but only until the voters wake up.

That is *ALL* you guys seem to expect about Obama. That he can reverse
8 years of a mess with a signature.

No, that's the claim *he* made during his ongoing campaign. I know
better. He can reverse 16 years of mess by getting the hell out of the

I have no doubt you paid close attention to what Obama said during his
campaign. And since you did, you clearly recall all those times when he
said the road ahead will be a long and hard one and we'll be faced with
setbacks and failures along the way. Of course you remember that, you're
just so smart and fair minded.


Well, it's been 'long' and he's had a 'hard' time convincing the voters
that he's even modestly competent. And the keystone cops in his
administration continue to spend and blame everyone else for everything.
I'd say it proves the old adage that you can't fool all of the people all
of the time. Of course, a few can always be fooled - even willingly.

True, and it explains the Palin thing.