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And if you are claiming Canada
is a poor country, well they are plenty rich. Mostly because they
don't have to pay the highest prices in the world out of pure love of
predatory capitalism.

I claimed nothing. I related two true stories which I think
are relevant. You make your own deductions. BTW, my
Canadian friends are all in a 50% or higher income tax
bracket (besides the Gouge-and-Screw Tax.) What do you
suppose they're buying with those hefty tax payments?

If you add up all the taxes we pay, not just income, we are easily *over*
50%. Probably closer to 65%. And what do we get for it? At least your
Canadian friends can tell you. I too have a few Canadian friends, and they
simply do not complain all that much, a little, yes, about their taxes or
their NHI. They like what they have.