Re: Woman of the people's bus tour hoax

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She is adored for her phoniness. Nothing new. Repugs are all about image
and substance be dand.  >
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It's not a repub's clear deception/money/power....ahem, the
dems provided the history with Tamminy Hall.  lThis goes on with both
sides of the aisle Paul.

Well some just do it so much better.  If Sarah Palin can fool hrr people
(aka slobbering sycophants) into thinking she's on a bus tour, she can fool
them into just anything.  And what makes it a psychosis is, they simply love
it.  It's like "she got us again!  LOL!  Can't wait till next time."  And
the fact I don't get it is something I am not ashamed of.  If someme
politician I supported started pulling crap like that, I'd drop them in an


LOL....take a break should never mix alcohol with stupid!