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Correct, Bob. I simply see no reason not to pay for a national system by
taxeation. In the end, it saves everyone money and that measn more money
the economy which is not being sucked up by greedy insurers. You can have
single payer for all for less money than we spend now since easily 40% of
the cost of insurance is advertising, excutive pay and bonuses, waste and
lobbying. >
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The experts analyzing the Reed bill allow a family of 4 making minimum
wage to have to spend about $12,000+ dollars for a year of the
government health plan. About 1/2 will be picked up by the government
and the government's nut will be covered by some of the 183 new taxes
the bill creates. I heard this on NPR yesterday.

Actually more like 125% of average. And there will be a severe means test
involved. What started out as something to help up to 100 million people
has now been restricted to 4 million due in no small part to intensive
industry lobbying. And the insurers still cannot live with it.