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Don't know if it was me or the cigar, but I found this one given to me,
the Esperanza ("para los ninos"), to be really unsmokeable. Thin flavor,
harsh, burned the back of my throat. I gave it a shot, hoping it would
get better, but when it got worse, I abandoned it.

Odd, I smoked both my boxes and I craved more.  They were a fairly robust
cigar as I recall, tons of flavor.  Perhaps the sample you have was stored
poorly?  That was a great time at ASC, we had the Camacho family present
here in the name of Christian Aroya.  The Para Los Ninos was an ASC
original.  And never to be seen ever again.

But that left me in the mood for something good...

Luckily I tried the Montesino next. Strangely, the one word that came to
mind as I burned it was "beefy." That was the characteristic of it. It
was very smooth but fairly dense in smoke, rolled tightly but with a
good draw, and the taste reminded me of a good pot roast: not all that
nuanced, but flavorful and satisfying, all the way to the end. It had a
sort of cashew nuttiness to it, too. A very savory smoke.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am to the Not-so-secret Mid-year Santas
for sending on to me such good stuff? They've made my life so much more
pleasant the last couple of weeks. :)

The fish puns are just icing on the cake. What a great grouper!

You are ready for Cuban cigars now, and not just for the halibut.


Christian Aroya? Oh yeah Christian Eiroa ... was that who you meant?

Time did those cigars no good. Past a year or so of age they went down
hill faster than a Somalian pirate chasing a freighter and some/most
of the cigars wrappers unwrapped faster than X-Mas presents at the
orphanage. Oh well ... maybe it was best it was only a supposed one
time cigar.

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