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On Sat, 9 May 2009 15:17:39 -0700, Paul M. Cook wrote:
You guys love your hyperbole.

Hereby nominated as funniest post of the month.
I'm betting that Tony's "Obama is destroying the Boy Scouts" will win.
You mean the one where I repeated an unsubstantiated rumor about Obama
stopping the practice of sending congratulations letters to Eagle
Yeah the one that you repeated verbatim off the copy you got in a hate
email. yeah, that one.

Oooohhhh... "Hate". You're using that word so much to mean so many
different things that it's beginning not to mean anything. :)

You project hate. It's hardly a big secret. Hate and intolerance. If it
ain';t just like you, in your most grandiose fantasy, it ain't nothing.
That seems to be the prevailing wisdom I get from you. Maybe you should
look inwards a bit?

Scouts and Girl Scout Gold seal winners? The one where I admitted that
I couldn't find corroberating evidence?
After you got called on it. If you thought it was crap in the first
place you'd not have posted it. Or you'd have dug into it just a little
bit. But then being a knee-jerk, reactionary, paranoid, fantasist
wingnut wouldn't be so easy now would it? You stuck both feet in your
mouth with that one, skipper. Bet you didn't know the BSA wanted Obama
as their honorary leader now did you? Bwahahahahahaha!
I don't know. It seemed really believable at the time.

I have no doubt at all you believed it. Did ya hear that Obama wants to
extend abortion rights to women that would include babies born full term?
Yeah, I got this email that said he wants to let women kill their newborns
for ya know like whatever reason. Oh, and he wants to force Catholic
hospitals to perform abortions. Oh and he wants to form a "youth corps"
which will be just like the Hitler Youth.

If you get it in an email, it has to be true.

Anyway, you have my nomination for funniest post of the month. Possibly the
year, too.


There is a grain of truth to the thing about Catholic Hospitals &
abortion, but you still have it all wrong!! It has to do with funding
and is still likely in discussion

Part of it has to do with forcing Catholic organizations to provide birth control services to their employees against their faith. No matter, if they do, Catholic hospitals will close, and that will be evidence that we need government sponsored medical care.

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