Re: Smoke one for the French navy

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The pirates were attracted to the fabulous cooking aromas emanating from the
vessel. French navy ships travel with 5 star chefs and each has at least 2
sommeliers, one for the red and one for the white. Sunday dinners often
feature such favorites as Coquilles St. Jacques and quenelles of fresh
turbot in champagne sauce and white truffles. Who'd want to miss dinner?

La Royale is proud to serve some of the best meals at sea. Saint Jacques and
quenelles are regularly on the menu - for all, enlisted, NCO's and CO's.
But no, there are no starred chefs and sommeliers on board.

Nearly ready for a cocktail on the Nivôse::

Little-mentioned fact in proud American circles: the US
Marine Corps is fed by the French. Sodexho has an
eight-year contract to provide food and related facilities
services at all Marine Corps garrison mess halls.