Re: Why Capt. Phillips Did Not thank Hussein Obama

On Apr 30, 1:37�am, "mary a." <marya...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

DOH! �When did we all become such a bunch of wusses (or pussies/
skeeter <g>) My neighbors are more aggressive than this and they're
just fighting over dog noise .

Mary (watching out for gunnies in the yard)-

Replying to myself (yah, strange) .... I'm happy to be a semi-wuss,
if necessary (applying for a CC Permit), but the lack of outrage over
this piracy still amazes me. At least the Italian Cruise line had the
guts to hire Israeli guards for their ships! We need more "for hire
guns" on ships - ones who will fire.

I'm in favor of bombing the "pirate nests" - don't tell me that
they're just teenagers - you use guns - you becoma an instant adult!
They tried that here in Detroit ... yah, send a 13 yr old out to kill
your enemy so he gets tried as a kid ... no way anymore!

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