Two thumbs down on the black caucus

Australia and the USoA will boycott the latest UN conference on
racism, which will be just another chance to castigate Israel as being
racist. The black caucus is pissed at Obama. Tough nuggies! Given
the fact that over 30% of ghetto children deny the happening of the
Holocust and over 50% of Afro-american children feel that slavery in
the USoA was directed by the Jews, we have a long way to go to address
racisim IMHO.

"At issue is a conference document resembling a 2001 Declaration that
"singles out" Israel for criticism in Middle East problems and
conflicts with a U.S. "commitment to unfettered free speech," the U.S.
State Department said Saturday.

The U.S. Congressional Black Caucus Saturday said it was "deeply
dismayed" by President Barack Obama's decision to boycott.

"Had the United States sent a high-level delegation reflecting the
richness and diversity of our country, it would have sent a powerful
message to the world that we're ready to lead by example," said a
caucus statement. "