Re: [OT]Obama Endorses Bush's E-Spying on U.S. Citizens

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On 2009-04-21, Paul M. Cook <pmcook@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Of course he can't.

Fact of the matter is this: Nearly everyone in this group thought it
was wrong when Bush did it. The left pushed Obama as a guy that would
change all of that. He's not. He's making it worse.

Obama is no different than Bush, besides being Black and being able to
spend even more of our money (who'd have thunk THAT was possible?)

We have a model of how NOT to fix these problems at that is Hoover in
And tat is exactly what the repugs claim will fix everything now. And If
you are so confident, you show me some posts reflecting the outrage of
loss of civil liberties. As I remember it, it was all shut up or you're
traitor. Aid and comfort to the enemy. Sedition. Treason. Enemy of
republic. The rhetoric was out of control.

That's the good stuff. I do understand how shame causes people to create
false realities as a form of denial so they don't have to admit to ugly

Sorry, Sparky, you made the claim, you back it up. I can guarantee
that you can not find a post from ME supporting either Patriot act. I
can also say the same about Misc, and probably Mickey.

Now, Tony, on the other hand... ;-)

It's news to me. True the general tone is what I refer to. But the only
people I know who had the balls to speak out as I did was David, Winston and
Jim Ivler. There were more I am sure but those are the only names that
stand out still in my mind. And unlike the Obama maniacs we waited a good
long time to judge what actually happened and not what we thought might
happen. In fact what did happened was so much worse then my worst