Re: OT:Well I'll be. Guns do Stop Crime

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I admit it. Well at least guns do stop the kinfolk of sitting
governors from robbing you blind.


You obsess so much, you must really be in love with her, Paul. You
probably hold her picture up with one hand on a regular basis. But
you're really stretching for a smear.

Nah, I don't obsess. I just love showing you what you would have
made president. She's toast as a politician but to think she
almost made it. Once again the purpose is lost on you.

police in Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla have arrested the
half-sister of her husband, Todd, for allegedly breaking into a
house in a robbery attempt.

Have to go quite a bit down the family tree to find these smears,
don't you?

Yeah that's a long stretch. We can add her sisters 2 arrests, her
would have been sister in law being arrested for drug selling etc
etc etc. Family values!!


Maybe it's a political prosecution like they did to Ted Stevens?

See Stevens was and is guilty. Bush's prosecutors broke the rules. He got
off on prosecutorial misconduct. But he still took bribes and
that much is indisputable. Just the amount is in question.


There's little doubt in my mind that Stevens is a crook.

They just didn't have the ability or patience to get real evidence.


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