Re: OT:Well I'll be. Guns do Stop Crime

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I admit it. Well at least guns do stop the kinfolk of sitting
from robbing you blind.


The actions of the half-sister of her husband is somehow Sarah Palin's
responsibility? How?

Distant relatives and near-family of politicians do not and should not
get special treatment. Their high-profile kinfolk are always to be
held accountable.

I'm sure anyone who has been living in this country illegally (in
public housing) for the past several years after they were denied
asylum a couple of times would get the same closed-court appeal and
extension on deportation as Zeituni Onyango. I mean, just because
she's McCain's step-sister's husband's daughter in-law... What's that?
Obama's aunt, you say? And he didn't know she was living here all
these years illegally, you say? And he has vowed to not get involved
in her case? least she didn't actually commit a CRIME or something, right?

That may be the most intelligent reply anyone has ever received from

(and no factual inaccuracies, either!)

More like dead cold silence at the audacity and the gnorance. Without a
doubt the worst every posted by you or perhaps any human being in the histry
of mankind.

Actually I posted a full reply. But as only the pure of heart can see a
Unicorn, only the pure of mind, body and soul may read my replies when I
transcend the usual shit and knock it out of the park.

Pity - it's some cool stuff.