Re: Resignation letter from AIG Exec

CigarBaron wrote :
On Apr 1, 5:49 pm, Tony <t...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

No need to be defensive Doc, I used the analogy for a reason.  If a
doctor gets paid when the patient dies (after providing care using best
practices known at the time), then an AIG exec ought to be compensated
for doing his job even though the company "dies".
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I took it differently, I apologize. We (physicians) are at the beck
and call by unscrupulous lawyers for misperceived negative outcomes.

Quite a different story. We're discussing bonuses, not salary. The
salary should never be at risk when the exec provides a service.
However, IMHO,
the AIG exec's failure to turn his company around is a direct outcome
of his performance again, IMHO...despite whether that's true or
not...I still see them at fault the negative performance of the
company. Their bonus should not be a given (again, unlike his/her/
it's salary.) Quite different from a patient who has a negative
outcome despite excellent care. Again, it's my personal
interpretation. With respect, an exec should not be compensated other
than salary when the company doesn't do well.

Which of the execs in which divisions were responsible for AIG's failure?

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