Re: Smoke your best for the new President

Joe <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2009-01-20, Padre <spirito_santo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Oh for Christ's sake Mike SMOKE A DAMN CIGAR.

It's going to be eight loooooooooooooooong years for Mickey :-)

I'm too tired to smoke a cigar right now - tough day at work, came home and
had the son's 16th birthday party mith the family.

Maybe tomorrow night I'll go through the new humidor and find something good
to go with some cognac.

Us Europeans have high hopes for your new prez. Congrats.

That's going to be his biggest problem. He will not be reelected if
he does anything short of walking on water. And if someone does take
a shot at him, he'll be remembered poorly if he fails to rise from the

I'm hoping he does some good, as well, but the left has put this guy
on such a pedestal that if he even stumbles a little, it's going to be
a huge fall...

That's a very insightful observation, Joe.