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Yeah, that's the guy. The guy who lives like a corporate exec/private
jet/etc. but expects the rest of us to save the economy by scrimping
on gas.'s all show biz.

Well the rest of us don't run a worldwide organization that employs dozens
of people. Kind of hard to take a bus to Europe.


Dozens? OK. Interesting how many of the Japanese execs worth
gazillions ride the airlines and live modestly. Just my 0.02. If
one lives a high lifestyle don't tell me how to live my life. My dad
flies in a private jet (he personally pays, not a company one.) He
dosen't tell anyone how to live. Just my 0.04.

I'm not sure you could spot a Japanese CEO if you had to. Al Gore you could
spot easilt. He has security concerns. Al Gore tells nobody how to live.
He does however point out other ways to live. FOllowing suggestions he
espouses would not lower your standard of living one iota either.