Re: REVIEW: _Religious_

Bart Goddard wrote:
Ray <chigarayREMOVE@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Finally, and I mean that, turn your own arguments on yourself.
Through the history of mankind, almost all men at all times have
believed in a spiritual world.

It all boils down to human ego. "I can't just cease to exist when I
die. And if I am destined to live on after death, then it must be
true of all people, so there must be a spiritual plane but how?

Which yet again avoids the question: How did humans evolve
such an ego? Especially since it seems (to you) to be so
detrimental to the species. It sure seems like the pragmatic
mindset would have, by natural selection, won the day.


Maybe an extrapolation of the "survival instinct".


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