Re: OT: Palin officially nominated as VP candidate

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In a long night of republican speakers ranging from Mitt Romney to
Guilani, the GOP Convention tonight officially named Sarah Palin
as the
VP of the United States.

Paul, you need to loosen your tie a little bit. You're sounding
starved. Again.

Oh yeah? The latest revision of that piece will be on national



If that's actually true, congratulations!

Not the first time. You'd have heard me before it your tender
ears could handle progressive radio. It's no big deal they just read
from their oh so clever listeners. I am thinking it will springboard
the Presidency in 2012. I'll have real experience in politics by
then -
highly qualified.


More than the Obamanation (All Praise and Worship unto Him!), at
least. ;-)

By the standard they define "executive experience" Palin has more than
McSame. More than Bush. More than Biden. More than Reagan. More
than Lincoln who they compared themselves to last night.



If you are so confident of Obama's leadership and ability to win, so
sure that McCain is one step from the grave, so sure that his VP pick
was the worst blunder of all time - why all the histrionics? You are
more worked up than you and Ivler were during the previous two elections

If you spent time here you'd know. Tradition. I rattle these guys
something fierce and they love every minute of it. I am actually quite
appalled that this very cynical choice has been foisted upon us. And the
more you find about this nutcase and things like her 20 years membership
in a dominionist church, her scandals, and her blatantly falsified
political record and then they tell us that the mayor of moose jaw is
somehow viable because she wrote the checks for a city of 49
employees -you feel pretty damned angry that the GOP has sunk so low that
they have set new standards for pandering and cynicism. This country
deserves and needs so much better. If McCain had chose Kay Bailey
Hutchison - I just may have believed he meant something of what he says.

I never aid Obama was a shoe-in either.


I agree--Hutchinson would have been a far better pick. So would Susan
Collins from Maine, but she would not have been the magnet to get
contributions from the far right as Hutchinson or Palin would seem to be.


From day 1 if they get in, Palin will be packed into a box and put away in a
closet. She will have absolutely no duties at all and will probably wish
the job came up to the level of a bucket of warm piss. It is when McCain
gets sick or possibly dies that we're going to have a end-times dominionist
with 0 experience in foreign affairs in a world where nuane and strategy is

4 time melanoma survivor - above the neck melanoma. Brain cancer is almost
always what comes next. He is not a healthy looking man, either . So gray
and haggard looking.