Re: My perspective on Obama

"Winston Castro" <at7000@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On 20 Aug 2008 01:18:44 GMT, Bart Goddard <goddardbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Case poorly understood. First, I didn't say "like", but "prefer."
Second, that's the point of not feeding them. It makes that
lifestyle less preferable, and makes working more preferable.

So Bart's solution to the homseless crisis in America, is "not
feeding" (basically starving them) until they snap out of it, and
start buying Ayn Rand books, watching Sean Hannity, and become good
little consumerists to further the Bush economy.

Works for a lot of problems, global warming, poverty, destruction of the
middle class, loss of healthcare availability, food prices and on and on.
Ignore it, and it goes away.

Demonick must be creaming in his shorts at the very thought of it.

Mrs. Demon probably bought him his own washing machine.

I forgot which part of the Bible quotes Jesus as stating that starving
the down-trodden, is the best solution for them.

Same part where it says God loves the rich so much he bestoweth all the
world's wealth on them and made them stewards of the minions.