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This is precisely the point of the current welfare/aid system. It
voter recruitment tool for the government, particularly the
creating a permanent underclass, dependent on government handouts,
little to no legal income to tax, one creates a voter constituency
larger government and more taxes for the rest of us. Tax the "rich"
they got the money. It creates and perpetuates class warfare,
perfect political tool for those inclined to use it.

Exactly! Very well said, Demonick. Thanks.

I got it! Don't tax the rich pass the burden on to the middle class
poor. The "rich" are already taxed. The solution is not to pass the
burden, but to eliminate the burden.

That will end class warfare. Let's make the people who cannot
benefit from the society

The people you refer to do benefit from society.

And the rich would not be rich if it were not for the society that is
for by the poor and middle class. In fact without a thriving middle
their wealth would be considerably less.

Society is not paid for by the poor. The vast majority of income taxes
are paid by the top %'s, the "rich".

The rich do not pay income tax as a rule - they get paid in things like
stocks or dividends from investments which are taxed at the CG rate of 15%

If they're taxed at 15%, what do you call that? TAX.

Yep and it is not income tax which is taxed at more thna double. So Paris
Hilton pays less tax per dollar than you do. You pay the full amount for
every dollar your labor produces. If you made that same amount sitting by a
pool calling your broker, you'd pay a lot less.

The middle class pays the bulk of the taxes in this country.

No, they don't, and it's been proven to you over and over again with
citations from the IRS.

INCOME taxes Mike - INCOME taxes. How m any times do I have to tell you
there are more taxes than INCOME?

Why would they
want any other kind of pay? Why would they take pay in the form of W2
income taxed at 36% when they can get the same money taxed at 15%?

They do pay the majority of CG taxes but that is a smaller part of revenue
than the income tax. When you consider their tax options those that do
income tax are paying maybe 21% effective rate.

But here's a plan:

1) gin up phoney wars and pay for them with expensive loans dumped on
2) lower the taxes for the people who make millions on their defense
industry stocks
3) goto step 1

What'dya think?


There is no such thing as a phony war.