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But the most important thing is neither one is superior to the other.
Bart is deluded, or gullible, or a fool. He has very good reasons for
believing as he does. Same for you. Your life experiences have
convinced you that there is no God. That doesn't make you damned, or
evil, or immoral.

Oh, my God... Obviously I meant to say "Bart is **NOT** deluded, or
gullible, or a fool."

I am sooo sorry.

No, no, no. I'm willing to be deluded, etc. as long I get to drag
him down with me. (As in "Same for you.")

(In fact, I'm not arguing against my own foolishness, but
only towards the fact that atheists are equally foolish.
The difference is in their _pretense_ of intellectualism.
It makes them bigger hypocrits.)

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