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Believe it or not, I agree with Phil. We are "a nation of whiners." As
well as self-apointed nannies of one sort or another, and rather
self-absorbed as a culture in general.

The part I don't agree with is him stating the economic downtown is
not real. That part was indeed fairly stupid.

In any case, my career was tanked during the boom times of the last
couple of years, and as of two months ago, I landed a very good job.
As did my wife, in the same week as I did.

So I take the doom and gloom with a grain of salt. All of this housing
market/real-estate mess is actually great for me, as we are renting
now, and plan on buying a small house or a condo soon.

Whiners? Hell no. Myself, I am looking forward to a long period of struggle, hardship, denial and loss due to yet another massive scam, this time of biblical proportions, foisted on us by the people who really own this country (Phil Gramm being their most loyal servant.) Thanks to them and their government complicit swindles we can be assured this country won't be seeing such hair brained ideas like affordable education, health care, good jobs or hope for the future. I will take delight in knowing their assets will be fully protected at my expense while I eat cold beans in a dark kitchen because I can't afford the $1000.00 a month it takes to run a light bulb or turn on the stove. But hey, it's all just me and my laziness, so they tell me.

What's to whine about? Suck it up, bend over and drop 'em. It's just the beginning, this mess has only just started. Learn to like it because it is going to be a long haul. But take heart, plutocracy just simplifies things in then end, no more complex choices to make like where you'll send your kids to college. There won't be any!


You're a glass half empty guy aren't you ;-)

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