Re: Warning: OT gun post

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 22:36:09 -0700, "Paul M. Cook" <pmcook@xxxxxxx>

"Jonathan Acey Albert" <aceyalbert@earthlinkdotnet> wrote in message
Well, Skeeter and I might actually agree on this one.

That's right! Guns are not so evil after all. The majority of gun deaths
are not accidental, nor are they evil people killing others (of course,
they'd NEVER get guns if they were banned. After all, DC had the lowest
murder rate in the country during their ban, right?). The majority of gun
deaths, amounting to a whopping 55% of all gun-related deaths was...

people offing themselves (and doing it may even say "the
quickest, most painless, most humane way").

Gun shop owners should be on the lookout for weapons buyers who only want 1
bullet at the time of purchase and then call a suicide prevention hotline.
I am sure the NRA would be outraged at the invasion of privacy.


I've gotten around these strict laws for years. I just carry a nail